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Towel Ensembles


Spotlight has a huge range of towel ensembles which consist of co-ordinating bath towels, bath sheets, hand towels, face washers and bath mats. Our towel ensembles are all made from 100% cotton and are always competitively priced.

Individual Bath Sheets

Bath Sheet

We carry a large number of bath sheets, available as both Individual sheets and as a part of our towel ensemble range. All bath sheets are made from100% cotton and generally measure 80x160cm .

Individual Bath Towels

Bath Towel

We stock an extensive range of bath towels, sold as both individual towels and as a part of our towel ensemble range. All bath towels are 100% cotton and generally measure around 70x140cm

Towel packs are a perfect way to purchase multiple towels at a great price. We offer both multi hand towel packs and multi face washer packs, both made from100% cotton.

Towel Packs

Towel Packs

Towel Packs are a perfect way to purchase at a great value. We offer both Multi Hand Towel Packs and Multi Face Washer Packs, both 100% cotton.

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